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Software development Services

Our solutions can help your company effectively collaborate, communicate, and trace your software development lifecycle from requirement creation through build, test, and deployment. Release higher quality software faster and with teams located around the globe.


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On the general definition for the problem to be solved, including the knowledge of the user's requirements and real environment, from the technical, economic, and social factors in three aspects, such as research and demonstrate the feasibility of the software project, write the feasibility study report, discusses the solutions to solve the problem, and the available resources (e.g., computer hardware, system software, manpower, etc.) cost. Make an estimate of the benefits and progress of development and make an implementation plan for completing the development task



Software requirement analysis is to develop what kind of software of a system analysis and imagination. It is a process of removing the dross and selecting the essence, eliminating the false and retaining the true, correctly understanding the user's requirements, and then expressing it in software engineering development language (formal function specification, that is, requirement specification). The basic task of this stage is to determine the problem to be solved together with the user, establish the logical model of the software, write requirements specification documents and finally get the user's approval.


Software design can be divided into two stages: outline design and detailed design. In fact, the main task of software design is to decompose software into modules, which refers to the data and program description that can achieve a certain function and the program unit of executable program. It can be a function, a procedure, a subroutine, a separate program and data with program instructions, or a functional unit that can be combined, decomposable, and replaceable. Module, and then module design. The outline design is the structure design, its main goal is to give the software module structure, represented by the software structure diagram. The primary task of detailed design is to design the program flow, algorithm and data structure of the module, the secondary task is to design the database, the common method or structured programming method.



Software coding refers to the translation of software designs into programs that can be accepted by computers, that is, written as a "source program list" expressed in a programming language. Fully understand the software development language, the characteristics of tools and programming style, help to choose development tools and ensure the quality of software product development.


The goal of software testing is to find as many errors as possible at a small cost. The key to achieving this goal is to design a good set of test cases (test data consists of test cases along with functionality and expected output).



Software maintenance refers to some software engineering activities performed on a software product after the development (analysis, design, coding and testing) of the software has been completed and put into use. That is, according to the operation of the software, the software is modified appropriately to adapt to new requirements, and correct the errors found in the operation. Write software problem report and software modification report.

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    • How to create a prototype?

      CNC machining and 3D printing are commonly methods of making prototypes. CNC machining includes metal parts CNC machining and plastic parts CNC machining; 3D printing includes metal 3D printing, plastic 3D printing, nylon 3D printing, etc.; The craft of duplication of modeling can also realize prototypes making, but it needs to cowork with CNC fine machining and manual grinding or polishing. Most of the prototype products need to be manually sanded and then surface treated before delivery so as to achieve the appearance effect and the strength of materials and other physical properties of the parts and components surface.

    • Can you provide one-stop service from product design to mass production to logistics?

      One-stop delivery service is our domination strength, we can provide product design, design optimization, appearance design, structural design, industrial design, hardware design, software design, electrical development, prototyping, mold design, mold manufacturing, duplication of modeling, Injection molding, die casting, stamping, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, surface treatment, assembly and testing, mass production, low-volume production,product packaging, domestic and offshore logistics and transportation, etc.

    • Can you provide the assembly and testing for prototypes andproducts?

      Product assembly and testing are essential to ensure the normal delivery of products. All prototyped products are required to pass strict quality inspections before they shipping; for mass-produced products, we provide IQC inspection, online inspection, finished product inspection, and OQC inspection

      And all test records are required to be archived.

    • Can the drawings be revised and optimized in prior to moulds making?

      All design drawings will be evaluated and diagnosed by our professional engineers before the molding. We will notify you as soon as there are design defects and hidden processing problems such as shrinkage. With your permission, we will   optimize the design drawings until it meet production requirement.

    • Can you provide the warehouse for our molds for store after injection molding manufacturing?

      We provide mold design and manufacture, product injection molding and assembly, whether it is plastic injection mold or aluminum alloy die-casting mold, we will provide storage services for all molds or dies.

    • How to guarantee the secuirty for our order during the shipping?

      Usually, we recommend you order an entire of transportation insurance for all logistics and transportation, so as to reduce the risk of loss of goods during transportation.

    • Can you arrange the door-to-door delivery for our ordered products?

      We provide door-to-door logistics services. According to different trades, you can choose transportation by air or by sea, or a combinated transportation. The most common incoterms are DAP, DDP, CFR, CIF, FOB, EX-WORKS…,

      In addition, you can arrange the logistics as your way, and we will assist you in completing the logistics and transportation from the factory to your designated location.

    • What about the payment term?

      We currently support wire transfer(T/T), letter of credit(L/C), PayPal, Alipay, etc., Usually we will charge a certain percentage of the deposit, and the full payment needs to be paid before delivery.

    • What types of finishing or surface treatment for prototypes and mass products?

      The surface treatment of products includes surface treatment of metal products, surface treatment of plastic products, and surface treatment of synthetic materials. Our common surface treatments consist of :

      Sand blasting, Dry Sand Blasting, Wet Sand Blasting, Atomized Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting,etc.

      Spraying,Electrostatic Spraying, Fame Spraying, Powder Spraying, Plastic Spraying, Plasma Spraying, Painting, Oil Painting etc.

      Electroless Plating of Various Metals and Alloys,Copper Plating, Chromium Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating,Anodic Oxidation, Electrochemical Polishing, Electroplating etc.

      Bluing and Blackening, Phosphating, Pickling, Grinding, Rolling, Polishing, Brushing, CVD, PVD, Ion implantation, Ion Plating, Laser Surface Treatment ect.

    • What about the privacy for our design and product?

      The security of customer information and products is our priority consideration. We will sign the confidentiality agreements(such as NDA) with all customers and establish independent confidential archives. JHmockup has strict confidentiality systems and practice procedures to prevent leakage of customer information and product information from the source.

    • How long to custom and develp a product?

      The cycle of product development depends on what state the products are in when you deliver them.

      For instance, you already have a complete design plan including drawings, and now you need to verify the design plan through prototypes making; Or in case of your design has been made with a prototype in other places, but the effect is not satisfactory, then we will optimize your design drawings and then make a prototype to reverify it;Or,

      your product already has completed the appearance design, but there is no structural design, or even a complete set of electrical and software solutions, we will provide the corresponding design solutions to offset; Or, your product has been moulded, but the injection-molded or die cast parts cannot meet the function of the overall assembly or finished product, we will re-evaluate your design, mould, dies,materials and other aspects to create an optimized solution. Therefore, the cycle of product development cannot be simply answered, it is a systematic project, some can be completed in one day, some may take a week, and some may even be completed in several months.

      Please contact our professional engineers to discuss your project, so as to reduce your cost and shorten development timeline.

    • How to realize custom products?

      Customized service of products design and manufacturing is our key core capability. Different product customizations have different customization standards, such as partial product customization, overall product customization, partial customization of product hardware, partial customization of product software, and customization of product electrical control. The custom manufacturing and fabrication service is based on a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s product function, material strength, material processing technology, surface treatment, finished product assembly, performance testing, mass production, cost control and other factors before comprehensive evaluation and program design. We provide a complete supply chain solution. Probably your product does not use all the services at the current stage, but we will help you consider the scenario that may be needed in the future in advance, which is what differentiates us from other prototype suppliers.

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